So I had a chance to leave camp yesterday and me and a few mates decide to go and grab some beer and just hang out. It turned into mayhem on earth I tell you.

I love beer, I do, but beer is a nasty motherfucker who becomes your best friend and then kicks you in the head after he has gained your complete trust and love.
I mean, beer has to be the tastiest bloody drink ever, you just can’t bloody stop drinking the damn golden juice. What is sinister about it though is the effect bloody alcohol has. It makes everything mundane seem like a fucking rollercoaster ride.

Then when you had your fun, the next morning you feel like the big show just stomped on your skull, not a good sensation.

The pint of erdinger you had, will hang around the stomache then move up to the brain and start punching, very much like what Pacquiao did to clotty, and all you can bloody do is hold on tight and wish it wasn’t happening.

Back to my story,

So the night turned out pretty much like a stoner flick, four guys running around aimlessly with their minds set on completing a perfectly useless goal. If it was a stoner flick, then I had to be Saul from pineapple express, just sayin.